Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What blasting media do you use?
A.  Mostly we use crushed glass, it is free from harmful silica.and harmful chemicals.

Q.  Do you clean up the residue abrasive media?
A.  Not normally, unless prearranged.  If you wish the area cleaned after the job is complete, we suggest you put down some drop sheets, so  you can easily pick up the residue and dispose of it.

Q. Can you sandblast something that has been powder coated?
A. Yes. However, it will take approximately twice as long to sandblast.

Q. Do you offer prime and paint services?
A. Yes.  We can do the complete process, or a stage of process.  If you require a professional standard paint job, you will need to consult a qualified paint and panel expert.  We are industrial painters.  Please be clear about requirements at time of quote request.  This will have an impact on the time we allocate to do the job and the cost.  

Q.  Can you do 2 pack?
A.  Yes.

Q. Do you disassemble items?
A.  Yes, we can.  We assume you will disassemble and have the item ready for us to blast when we arrive. If you need us to disassemble, you will need to advise at time of quotation.  This will have an impact on the time we allocate to do the job and the cost.  If dropping off to us, please don't send any small bits and pieces with the item/s i.e. nuts, bolts, seals, gaskets, O-rings.

Q.  What happens if it rains?
A.  We prefer to cancel and come back a day when moisture is not in the air.  Unless you have a booth and it is primed and painted asap, it is very difficult to guarantee rust will not resurface.

Q.  Do I need to paint straight after sandblast?
Y.  Every minute the metal is exposed to air, increases the risk of rust reappearing.

Q.  Is primer enough to protect my newly sandblasted surface?
A.  No.  You need to paint properly, as soon as is possible; so the exposed metal surface is completely sealed.

Q.  Does my metal surface need to be dry to be sandblasted?
Y.  Yes. Moisture and air are the biggest threats to exposed metals.  They start rusting nearly immediately, even if you can't see it.

Q.  Will you come to my place?
A.  Yes, we prefer this.  You do need to leave a safe space for a small truck to get in and for us to work safely.  You also need to ensure the item/s being sandblasted, are not close to anything that can be damaged by overspray from sandblasting process or painting process ie house, cars, shed, pavers.  The further way from everything the better.

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