Saturday, 12 February 2022

Answers to Frequently asked questions...

Answers to Frequently asked questions….


What information do you need to properly quote on our project?

  • Please send us photo’s if possible.
  • Description of project – type/dimensions.
  • Is it a blast only, blast and prime, or blast, prime and industrial paint that you require?
  • Where are you located?
  • When would you ideally like your job completed?
  • Are we able to get our truck up beside your job?
  • Is the work area set-up far enough from anything (includes persons & pets) that can be harmed by overspray (blast or paint)?


If your job is powder coated, it will take nearly twice as long to blast, before it can be primed and painted.


We do not disassemble or reassemble machinery or vehicles.  We do expect that you will do this before we arrive.  Please remove all extra bits and pieces that could get in the way or be damaged.  We do endeavour to cover/protect that which cannot be removed, but there are always limitations.


We also suggest that you jack up/elevate your project, (remove wheels, bull bars if relevant); so we can efficiently get in, around and underneath.  Sandblast helmets and equipment have visual and size/reach limitations when working in a confined area.  Room to manoeuvre is of paramount importance to getting a good end result.


We are a mobile service, but we can help facilitate if you do not have adequate room for this job to be completed at your home/business.  Please discuss with us.


If you have stickers/signage on your project, it is best you remove before we blast/paint.  They do not blast off with ease, and we are not skilled or equipped for sticker/signage removal.

We do not do show and shine paint finish.  We are industrial painters.

If you blast only or blast and prime only, how soon after do I need to prime and/or paint?  You need to do it ASAP.  The elements start attacking the minute the metal is exposed to the air.

It's a long story!